Hackney Empire
New Act of the Year
Tapwater Award
(Edinburgh Fringe)
Second Place 
Thespis Monodrama Festival  (Kiel, Germany)
Golden Cockerel Award (Edinburgh Fringe)
Mervyn Stutter's
Spirit of the Fringe
(Edinburgh Fringe)


"Jet-black comedy...ideas as resonant as dreams"

The Guardian


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"Hysterical...wickedly funny...absolute genius"

The Scotsman


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"Deadly dark

satire at its best"

The List


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                                 Slaves of Starbucks


“A superb comic actor. His delivery is spot-on, ranging from completely deadpan to deliciously over the top!" –The Scotsman




"Enormously gifted…immaculately deadpan delivery and

astute comic timing!”Metro U.K.


           Big, bold and brillianthysterically funny!” – NoHo LA

 “Swiftian wit…First you laugh. Then you feel the sting!” Back Stage West




"Gifted in making the outrageous strangely believable, he presents an apocalyptic vision of corporate America...

this is deadly dark satire at its best!"The List


         “Marvelously deadpan!” Village Voice



"His writing makes sly but lacerating points about the triumph of philistinism...jet-black comedy!"– The Guardian


"Comic genius...close to perfection!"  Toronto Sun




"Within minutes you know you're in for a wild ride. A new height to black comedy!" – Hi Drama!



“Each target is hammered with Pythonesque glee. Aterman’s wit, intelligence and integrity shine out!” – Fest